Benefits of a Student Loan

There comes a time in every student’s life when they have to start thinking about 
university. Moving forward with higher education is an exciting time for students, as they
begin a lifelong journey of discovery, tapping into their professional potential and
building friendships that last.

For most parents however, higher education usually means added expenses to their
monthly income and a strain on their savings account. With rising costs in tuition fees,
living expenses, and supplementary costs for books and supplies, the best solution is
often a student loan.

Many students opt to apply for a student loan for a number of reasons. Whether they
want to have extra funds in their savings account for unforeseen expenses, or want to
cover a portion of their living costs, a student loan is often the best way to support their
higher education needs.

Students also want to have a competitive edge when they enter the job market and
choose to apply to more prestigious schools which are often more expensive. With a
student loan, they know they can plan for their future and free themselves from financial
restrictions limiting their choices.

The cost of studying will no longer be a cause of stress and uncertainty. Our student
loan can be tailored to your needs and demands according to your income, while
covering all the essential costs of further studies.

Now your children can study at the university of their choice, while all the expenses are
covered for the remainder of their studies. With a maximum amount of up to €15,000, a
24 month grace period, and a monthly installment of up to €150, there is no reason not
to apply for a student loan and secure your children’s future.