International Money Transfer
Ellinas Finance Public Company Limited has been operating as a MoneyGram agent since 2003. Our constantly expanding network consists of more than 50 locations around Cyprus.
Send / Receive money
  • Trust MoneyGram to get your money there safely
    MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially selected agents in 334,000 locations across 200 countries and territories. It offers a secure way to send and receive money and makes sure it reaches its destination extremely fast.
  • Choice and comfort
    MoneyGram’s plethora of agents and locations ensure choice and convenience, with many outlets offering extended hours so that you can send and receive money when it is convenient. 

Ellinas Finance gives you the opportunity to become part of its MoneyGram network so that:

  You increase your clientele and revenue

 You gain global recognition and a global network
  • Attract new clients
  • Add a new service to complement those already offered
  • Add MoneyGram commissions to your revenue
  • Join a very large money transfer network
  • Connect with 334,000 MoneyGram locations
  • Connect to 200 countries and territories
  • Ongoing marketing support to increase customer traffic and sales


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