Cheque Discounting
The discounting of post-dated cheques is a product designed for businesses which accept post-dated cheques from their clients for products or services offered. In today’s business environment, high liquidity is particularly important for the viability of any business. Companies that trade in cash have a distinctive advantage over their competitors. Companies that buy in cash enjoy many advantages, the most important of which is a better bargaining position to secure lower prices and discounts.
Taking all the above into consideration, and with 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, ELF offers an immediate, long term solution to your liquidity problems converting your clients’ debts into cash.
  • The application process is simple, our charges are clear and competitive.
  • Applications are processed very quickly and our customer service is direct and personal.

 Cheque  Amount

 Deposit Date



 Total cost

 Initial payment  Remaining payment  Total amount paid
 €10,000  90 days post-dated  €140.63*  €50.00**  €190.63  €7,309.37  €2,500.00  €9,809.37
* Annual interest rate 7.5% 
** Commission 0.5% per quarter
What is the procedure?
The whole procedure of cheque discounting is simple and can be divided into the following steps:
  • Client brings in the cheques for discounting.
  • Our company IMMEDIATELY discounts 75%-80% of the overall amount of cheques, deducting the interest amount and handling charges.
  • The other 20%-25% is paid on the maturity date of each cheque.
Additional benefits for you
  • Injection of liquidity to finance your company’s expansion plans.
  • Capability for further investments.
  • Strengthening of your bargaining position vis-a-vis suppliers.