Payroll Advisory Services

Companies cannot expect to have all the skills and knowledge for payroll related matters, particularly on changes related to legislations, regulations, requirements and general practices.
Businesses, continually facing new problems and opportunities, therefore the need for advice can be even greater.
We pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed level of payroll advisory services while maintaining the highest possible level of service, standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.

Our team can assist you with :

  • Payroll compliance health check.  We can assist on providing a compliance review of payroll (agreements and internal policies review confirming the correctness of payroll elements i.e. basic salary, bonus, vacation schedules, other payments based on companies’ policies, general legislation compliance, etc.) and related payments accruals e.g. basic salary
  • Payroll tax-social insurance health check (review of personal income tax-social insurance calculations, payments, etc).
  • Structuring and advising for in-house payroll preparation
  • Assist with the provision of analysis reports of existing in-house prepared payrolls and assisting the clients with the identification of errors and advise accordingly.
  • Obtain written confirmations (rulings) from the Tax and Social Insurance Authorities
  • Advice the clients on Tax and Social Insurance issues related to payroll.