Insurance Financing
Insurance coverage has become a necessity and more and more people are obliged to deduct significant amounts from their income to pay large insurance premiums.
At Ellinas Finance we offer financing for you and your family and make arrangements to pay your insurance premiums.
Financing from Ellinas Finance is the answer for all those who need more facilities to pay their insurance.
  • Payment of insurance premium in monthly instalments
  • Ellinas Finance pays for you
  • Ability to pay many insurance premiums
  • Financing will improve your cash flow situation
    We get to know you, understand your needs and then undertake to resolve your daily issues, removing the responsibility of “how much and when” from your hands.


Advantages of financing from Ellinas Finance
  • Immediate and secure financing
  • Easy payment options
How it works
Easily – with Security – Cheaply and Quickly
  • Financing from €2000 to €5,000
  • 3-12 months (beginning from the 1st of each month)
  • Interest rate: 5% (steady rate)
  • Payment of insurance premiums through Direct Debit or cash
  • Without collateral