Debt Consolidation

Don't let debt take control of your life.

Avoid the hassle of managing multiple loans every month by consolidating your debt into simple monthly payments with Ellinas Finance Debt Consolidation Loan.

Ellinas Finance Debt Consolidation Loan gives you the flexibility to pay off yout multiple debts on your own monthly schedule.


Loans with guarantors
  • Up to €10,000 loan
  • Repayment period of up to five years
  • Guarantors who work in the government, semi-governmentor banking sectors
  • Flat interest rate from 4.69% (APR 8.76%*)
Secured loans
  • Above €10,000 loan
  • Loans up to 50% of the sale value of the property
  • Repayment period of up to five years
  • Flat interest rate from 4.69% (APR 8.76%*)


Loan Calculator

12 months
Monthly Repayment
The same every month
Total amount payable
Loan required €1000
Flat Rate
Based on the details you entered



* The APR has been calculated for a loan of €15.000 and a repayment period of 60 months in equal monthly installments. The APR may change depending on the period of the loan. There are no any further company charges regarding a loan. In the above APR and in the above installment amount, the costs of insurance premiums that may be added to each monthly installment have not been included.


Are you eligible?

To apply, you’ll need:

  •          To have a Cypriot Residency
  •          To be aged 18 or older
  •          To be working in Cyprus
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