Payroll Outsourcing Services

An employee’s salary is his/her single largest connection with a company and the foundation of employee motivation/success. Therefore, payroll is one of the most vital activities for a company. Outsourcing payroll should be taken as a serious option. To achieve cost reduction, time saving, avoidance of penalties and fines, and data security then the optimal solution is outsourcing payroll to our payroll experts. Our team can assist you with :

Comprehensive payroll management service

  • weekly/monthly payroll processing
  • e-payslips preparation and distribution
  • Registration of the employer and the employees to the Tax and Social Insurance Authorities
  • Calculation of the monthly Tax and Social Insurance payments accompanied with the preparation of the relevant payment forms.
  • Assist with the preparation of the year end compliance forms (TD7 and TD63)

Shadow/dummy payroll (non-cash payroll established in the host country where the employee is working in order to obtain tax and social charges in the country worked, which are different from the home country
Tax equalization and Tax Protection calculation (expatriates related tax methods)
Assist with the preparation of the employees’ personal income tax return.